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its not officially launched but... you're still free to stick around for a second, poke about, hover over. whatever. there's lahmajoun and madzoon in the fridge below if you want.

this page is best viewed on computer browsers and has NOT been tested on mobile. i'm sorry if it's completely unnavigable on your phone, i'll be tackling that in the future


Ah shit. Graham's run off again. You can follow Milky as he goes to the error page to look for him.

non-comprehensive to-do list:


14.09.2020 - ok i didn't actually update anything on this site but i DID finally finish a song i had been sitting on because the recording quality for the vocals was quite bad. unrelated - i cant get the outro to blur's on the way to the club out of my head and its mixing with the outro from radiohead's daydreaming which is leading me right onto decks dark and. god my mind... i'm so smart. i forgot to finish the other half of this post yesterday so now its 15.09.2020 oops

11.09.2020 - overflowed the to-do list... tryingt to center the elements now

08.09.2020 - minor cosmetic changes made while watching the tour de france at work. my split attention may have mystery consequences for the layout... we will see

30.08.2020 part 4 - Ok everythings a little better now. I also stocked the fridge which means I have to finish my fun little surprise game and make the page to embed it on and then I'll be set! if that proves to take up a lot of space I might consider doing supporter so I can have even more room to add weird random shit to this site. I want it to look like the radiohead wayback machine that had what felt like a million side-streets to navigate through. I want people to waste at least a half hour just dicking around on here. I love to waste time

30.08.2020 part 3 - GOD DAMN IT what am I doing wrong here???

30.08.2020 part 2 - I have slightly unfucked it I think, however from browser to browser my page looks different. This is unfortunate. I have to get the inline elements to behave and also spread out a little bit from eachother before I even think about touching the art pages because I know they will be more fun with some of the silly little javascript shits i have planned >:3 and I will never get back to what I'm doing here.

30.08.2020 - I do most of my work after midnight so it comes as no surprise that I have just somehow royally fucked up my page. Lets see how this pans out. I have also added <hr> lines so that update entries are less big-block-of-nasty-text. like ew lol who wants to look at that? i have adhd

29.08.2020 - I was working on my digital art page and trying to fix the alignment of the boxes on my index page but ended up being really busy today and didn't get to as much as I wanted to

28.08.2020 part 2 (29.8.2020 12:06a) - still looks like shit but I'm sleepy

28.08.2020 - I have added an update box. Yippy! What is immediately next to do is selecting art works I don't hate to put in my still-not-yet-hyperlinked art hyperlinx. section? as it were. gibts gar kein bock ahaa... I also am building a VERY simple point and click game to embed into the site as a little hidden goodie thing :) I've just been busy with work and when I get home I don't want to look at a screen even more (I do graphic design). it looks like shit right now i gotta put everything into grid or whatever