Ok what the hell?

ok this may or may not knock your socks off

my dear godmother, along with my uncle, are absolutely the coolest people on the planet. they always have something interesting going on, they travel a lot because of their jobs in film, and they always know the best spots and bring me the weirdest little gifts. or some really good read. one day my godmother was multitasking with laundry and work and whatever else that comes up when a pair of dress socks went missing in transit between washing and drying. the two searched their whole apartment but came up with nothing. time passed and they resigned, thinking the socks simply ended up in the blackhole of forever disappeared items.

then one day, one of the two discovered a pair of stiff socks in the freezer.

i made this page to memorialize that historic moment with this artists rendering.

i would also like to point out that the socks there are cycling socks from my favorite restaurant, of which I have a pair, and two more - one in maroon and white, zigzagged similarly to the ones shown, and one in black, with dark green to lime gradient stripes. very retro 70s, not to mention in cyrillic. very cool.

i made this page also to brag about my cool socks and relatives

that is all :]