ooright lads lets get this done then

Parev my friend

Hi, I'm Graham Eabha Odarian, you can call me Geo. I am 21 years old.

I play multiple sports, and quite well. I studied art, political philosophy, and languages. The space I live in is full of paintings and prints inspired by lots of people's work about a century ago in the dadaist and anti-war/anti-fascist movements. I'm what professionals in the field call a pinko. I can speak English, German, and French. I'm currently studying Japanese and relearning Armenian. I'd like to learn Spanish, or Arabic. or Mandarin. or Cantonese? or Korean. or anything I can get my hands on the resources for. I love learning about cultures through language. It's really fun. Anyways. This about is very useless and tangential, and you'll have to piece together bits of information scattered throughout this site and in my work to create an image of who I might be. Not all you find will lead you to an accurate description. I do not like being known, I am admittedly very afraid of that, but I love to share my music and art because they make me happy. I enjoy making. Hopefully you enjoy something I have made.

I linked my bandcamp and soundcloud on the home page. I'm not professional or anything so theres no listening through spotify or apple music. Which is kinda fun. Makes me seem like a pretentious indie type. Or perhaps simply a moron. Making music is so sickeningly, painfully personal to me that I could like idfk be signed by a big label and somehow land a #1 hit and I still would never tell my family. but i will post it on a website where I interact almost exclusively with total strangers. which I think is really funny.