BEOBACHTERIN - 7 August 2019

Well. How The Hell Did We End Up Here?

This is my first full length album!

Although I had some drafts of songs and half-songs as far back as December of 2018, I really started work on Beobachterin some time in March of 2019 while I was living in Berlin for school. Beobachter in German means observer, and the addition of -in makes the observer feminine. A theme or at least feeling that I hope I conveyed throughout the album was that of not quite being involved or in control in your own life as well as difficulty connecting with others. The feeling that you are simply third-person spectating from a top corner of any room your body inhabits. A lot of the tracks were finished by the end of May, and the ones that weren't were the ones that had guitar. My host family had a small electric piano and I have a computer and a drum machine, so that was enough to get me started. Even though I had already released three EPs on Soundcloud as well as been in a band in high school, I feel like my biggest growth as a musician came from producing this body of work. Because of that, I had a lot of tracks I ended up scrapping as bonuses. Cheers to that hen x

I made these music videos to go with two of the songs on the album. The video for Cloud Head was included in the Bandcamp album purchase but had to be compressed for file size limitations. I am happy to announce that for the album's first birthday, a nice, high(er) quality version of the video is now available for everyone's viewing pleasure. Or displeasure. Sorry to anyone who now feels ripped off. The second video for On Your Lonely was one I animated (almost) in full back in November of 2019 but thought was pure shit and shelved until maybe two weeks prior to today (7 August 2020, just as a reminder), where I salvaged what I could and re-animated what I had the energy to re-animate. I thought it would be a nice way for me to try to celebrate a years passage, and an album that may not be great, but taught me a lot and is very dear to me. ANYWAY. The video. You may notice a wide variety of visual clarity and stylistic choice. Please ignore that, and enjoy.

Here's the album booklet!